PA2000 Wedge Anchor Clamp

  • Model:PA2000
  • MOQ:1
  • L/T:2-5 days
  • Payment Terms:T/T, Paypal, Western Union
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  • Certificate:ISO9001:2008


Anchor clamp (anchor, wedge) Crossover PA 2000 is designed for mounting and suspension of ADSS cables. Diameter of clamping element is 12- 14 mm.

These clamps will be used as cable dead-end at end poles (using one clamp).Two clamps can be installed as double dead-end in the following cases :
• at jointing poles
• at intermediate angle poles when the cable route deviates by more than 20°.
• at intermediate poles when the two spans are different in lengths
• at intermediate poles on hilly landscapes

• Dead-ending of 6 to 20 mm ADSS cables
• Minimum breaking load of 500/600 daN
• Installation on any pole hardware fitting :brackets, cross-arms or eye bolt with a min eye Ø of 15 mm
• 4kV thimble as standard. 11 kV thimble available
• All plastic parts are UV resistant and tested in conditions equivalent to min 25 years of service in tropical environment



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